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Use Super Mario Odyssey's Hat Possesses Ability In Super Mario 64

pimg border=0 style=max-width:610px; src= alt= //p pYou'll have to wait until October 27 to play Super Mario Odyssey, but you can experiment with Mario's new hat abilities in the 1996 release Super Mario 64, thanks to a fan mod./p pA clever YouTuber named a target=_blank href= E...

Move Over Netflix, Watch An Endless Stream Of Speedrun Videos Instead

pimg border=0 style=max-width:610px; src= alt= //p pNo matter how long it normally takes you to beat a game, watching a pro speedrun the same title is entrancing. A new website offers up a nearly endless stream of speedruns for your enjoyment./p pa target=_blank href= will give you a brand new speedrun video every time ...

Beyond Good & Evil 2 Prototype Demo Focuses On Scale

pimg style=max-width:610px; border=0 src= alt= //p pYesterday, Michel Ancel a href= title=teasedteased/a that a video ...

Thimbleweed Park's Content Update Adds Hints, New Dialogue

pMiss the old days of calling hint lines when you were stuck in an adventure game /p...(a href= more/a)img src= width=1 height=1...

Free Titanfall 2 DLC Continues To Pack New Content

pimg style=max-width:610px; border=0 src= alt= //p pToday, Respawn announced its 6th installation of DLC for Titanfall 2, featuring new maps, a new execution, and other additional content./p pThe new War Games map takes players into civilian territory with a plethora of shops, high-rise buildings, and wide city stree...

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Could Still Come To PS4

pimg style=max-width:610px; src= border=0 alt= //p pA a href= article/a from UK publication iDaily Express/i has been making the rounds claiming that the game will remain an exclusive fo...

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