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May's Xbox Live Games With Gold Includes Vanquish, Metal Gear Solid V

The rewards for being an Xbox Live Gold member (beyond being able to play the console online, among other things) includes two third-person game with a lot of style, and two games that aren't that. Although it was included as PlayStation Plus game a few months back, Xbox One players can finally pick up Metal Gear Solid V for free. And you should, because it's a good game! If you're looking for something to sink your teeth into this May and don't own a PS4, this is a good bet. It...

Firewatch Creator Campo Santo Acquired By Valve

Firewatch development studio Campo Santo, which is currently working on first-person adventure game In the Valley of the Gods, has been acquired by Valve. The news comes directly from Campo Santo, who posted a full announcement on their blog. Originally founded by members of Telltale studio, Campo Santo elaborated on why they decided to join up with a larger studio again. The company said they not only like video games, but the idea of making their customers happy. "From the day-to-day pro...

Battle Royale Game Darwin Project Is Now Free To Play On Steam

The Darwin Project, a battle royale game first revealed during last year's E3, has been part of Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview for a little while. However, due to the a lack of players, the game is now free-to-play on Steam. “We’ve said from the start that we’re committed to creating a fresh and exciting experience for Darwin Project players and viewers," Creative Director Simon Darveau said via Steam. The team has added several features, including spectator...

Latest Overwatch PTR Update Adds New Map, Replaces Hanzo's Scatter Arrow

Blizzard has been teasing big Hanzo changes were coming  as far back as February, and after lots of testing, the team is finally testing some changes with the public (in the PC Public Test Realm, anyway). The biggest change is the removal of his Scatter Arrow ability, which fired one arrow that split into several on impact. This made him a terror around corners and often lead to some strange deaths. The new ability, Storm Arrows, has him firing six arrows with reduced damage in rapid ...

Destiny 2's Next Expansion Will Make The Climb To Max Power Take Longer

As part of its updated roadmap for Destiny 2, Bungie officially unveiled its next expansion, Warmind, but didn't offer too many details about what, exactly, players could expect from it. This week, the developer gave us a better idea of what players can expect when they dive back into Destiny 2 on May 8 - from a leveling perspective, anyway. Players will find that hitting the new power cap of 385 will be much tougher than getting to 305 or 335 (the caps in Destiny 2 and Curse of Osiris, res...

Housemarque Announces Multiplayer Action Game Stormdivers

A few months ago, Housemarque announced it was leaving the old-school arcade shooters behind it made its name on behind due to poor sales. Today the company has announced the first game of its post-arcade shooter era: Stormdivers. The teaser trailer below doesn't show the game in action, unfortunately. We get glimpses of a forested area populated by human encampments with a hint of futuristic tech (look at that crate!), a bolt of thunder, and fireballs seemingly pushing back against heavy w...

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