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Free Super Bomberman R Update Adds Simon Belmont And Pyramid Head As Playable Characters

pimg border=0 style=max-width:610px; src= alt= //p pWe a href='t love Super Bomberman R/a, but Konami has been supporting the game post-launch, improving its performance and adding s...

Netflix's Animated Castlevania Show Reveals Its Cast

pimg border=0 src= style=max-width:610px; alt= //p pWe've seen a a href= teaser/a of the show already, and even heard some of its voices, but now we know who those voices belong to, and what other ...

Rick And Morty Invades Several Games, Including Rocket League

pimg style=max-width:610px; border=0 src= alt= //p pIn preparation for season three of iRick and Morty/i, Adult Swim has partnered up with different developers and publishers, to bring the show's quirky, dimension-hopping characters to several games. You can find mad scientist Rick and his grandso...

Orcs Must Die! Unchained Coming To PS4 In July

pimg style=max-width:610px; border=0 src= alt= //p pAccording to developer Robot Entertainment, the third title in the tower defense series is coming to PlayStation 4./p pOrcs Must Die! Unchanged differentiates itself from its predecessors by allowing players to participate in Survival raids with a t...

Ghost Recon Wildlands Update Adds Endgame Progression With Tier 1 Mode

pimg style=max-width:610px; border=0 src= alt= //p pGhost Recon Wildlands veterans who have already reached max level will be getting some post-game content in the form of the new Tier 1 mode./p pAfter maxing out at level 30, players can choose to activate Tier 1. From there, characters start at Tier 50,...

Free-To-Play Final Fantasy XV Mobile Game Out Now

p class=MsoNormalimg style=max-width:610px; border=0 src= alt= //p p class=MsoNormal /p p class=MsoNormalThe mobile, free-to-play MMO Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire is available for download today on phones and tablets in the a href=

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