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Blizzard Teases Epic Skins For Overwatch Characters Like Reaper, Zenyatta, And More

Overwatch's big cosmetic update is coming in just two days time. As we inch closer, Blizzard has been revealing new skins and features for a number of heroes. Today, we got a sneak peek at some epic skins for five characters, including McCree, Reaper, Junk Rat, Symmetra, and Zenyatta. You can view a short teaser below. Only 2 more days until our cosmetics update arrives in Overwatch! Join us as we count down to their release with new item reveals every day. Today's reveal: EPIC S...

Reader Discussion What Are Your Thoughts On Nintendo Labo?

Nintendo had a surprise reveal earlier this week, showing off its cardboard-software hybrid Nintendo Labo. Oriented towards kids, Nintendo Labo requires players to assemble cardboard into different toys, such as a fishing rod or RC cars. Then, you can attach your Nintendo Switch to see these toys come to life. The announcement garnered a lot of attention and varied reactions on social media, and now we want to know what you think. Is Nintendo Labo something you would buy for yourself For your c...

Sony Partners With Nike To Introduce PlayStation-Themed Sneakers

Sony recently teamed up with NBA All-Star Paul George and Nike to create some slick-looking sneakers based off the PlayStation's design. The shoe, called the PG-2 PlayStation Colorway, looks pretty cool – whether you're a basketball fan or not. In a post on the PlayStation blog, Paul George calls the partnership between Nike and PlayStation a "long time coming," and that he's loved video games since he was young. "Just like basketball, I’ve had a knack for...

Final Fantasy XIV: Rise Of A New Sun Update Arrives Later This Month

Final Fantasy XIV is receiving a slew of new content later this month thanks to the upcoming 4.2 update, Rise of a New Sun. Square Enix recently gave more details on what we can expect from the update, and released a new trailer. The teaser, which you can watch below, showcases the forthcoming update and has several callbacks to the SNES classic, Final Fantasy VI. For example, the Phantom Train makes on appearance at the beginning of the video and antagonist Kefka appears briefly at the end. (P...

Watch How Skipping Key Items Affects Ocarina Of Time In This Video

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was a landmark game for its time, but still functioned the way other Zelda games did, with a mostly linear structure with some spokes for side quests. Breath of the Wild broke this mold by letter players skip many parts of the base game and play how they wanted. But what if someone tried to play the former Zelda game like they would the latter Youtuber Shesez tries to find out in his latest episode of Sequence Break, which uses glitches and other methods to ...

Latest Boss Keys Video Contrasts Breath Of The Wild's Divine Beasts And Shrines

Youtuber Mark Brown has been on a roll with this Boss Keys series, which offer detailed examinations of the dungeons in The Legend of Zelda. Brown finally arrives at Breath of the Wild this week. The video is incredibly thorough and brilliant, offering insight into how the Diving Beats (Breath of the Wild's dungeon equivalent) fare against previous dungeon designs of the series, and how Shrines fit into that mold. While this is the last time in a while Brown will dive deep into the Zelda se...

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  • Bound by Flame - Pre-Played

    Bound by Flame - Pre-Played
    A fire demon has possessed your body. With new powers at your disposal, do you choose to be on the side of evil or do you choose to fight the demon within? Boun...(more)

    $9.99 More Details
  • Game of Thrones - Pre-Played

    Game of Thrones - Pre-Played
    Are you ready to serve the realm? Shape the fate of the Seven Kingdoms in this original Game of Thrones RPG story developed in conjunction with series author Ge...(more)

    $9.99 More Details
  • Dragon Age II

    Dragon Age II
    Dragon Age II creates another epic world where you'll have freedom to choose and opportunity to make your mark. A once-penniless refugee known as Hawke has made...(more)

    $9.99 More Details
  • Risen 3: Titan Lords - Pre-Played

    Risen 3: Titan Lords - Pre-Played
    The third game in the popular Risen series of RPGs takes the action away from the piracy on the high seas of Risen 2 and brings gamers back to the dark, high-fa...(more)

    $9.99 More Details
  • Dark Souls

    Dark Souls
    Death is not the end - it might be the only way you can continue your journey in this shadowy, demon-infested RPG. At the dawn of Dark Souls, you'll begin witho...(more)

    $9.99 More Details
  • Dark Souls II

    Dark Souls II
    Masochists rejoice! Dark Souls is back. The long-awaited sequel to the legendary action-RPG title is twice as big as the original, and twice as nasty. Dark Soul...(more)

    $12.99 More Details