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YouTuber Builds Junkrat's RIP-Tire With More Than 4500 Lego Bricks

pimg style=max-width:610px; border=0 src= alt= //p pOverwatch's Junkrat has a deadly, motorized weapon that zooms around the battlefield: his RIP-Tire. This tire can be remotely detonated to create an explosive blast. YouTuber ZaziNombies built a replica, though it can't roll (and isn't deadly, of course) like Junkra...

Speedrunner Sets New World Record By Beating Prey In Seven Minutes

pimg style=max-width:610px; border=0 src= alt= //p pFor most, completing Arkane's sci-fi shooter Prey takes anywhere between 20 to 30 hours. However, a speedrunner that goes by the YouTube name Seeker TV has managed to complete the game in an astounding seven minutes (without load times). /p pThis is an impressive feat, and you can...

Reader Discussion: What Games Do You Need To Finish?

pimg border=0 src= style=max-width:610px; alt= //p pLook. It happens, ok You start a long game but another game comes out while you're playing the first game that steals your attention away or you're getting married or you're moving or whatever, and then that game immediately becomes a part of your backlog./p pFor me, my current white whale is...

Did You Know Gaming And Nostalgia Trip Catch Ape Escape Trivia

pa href= src= border=0 alt= //a/p pDid You Know Gaming is an informative YouTube series that presents information and little known tidbits about gaming's most well known and obscure series. This time, the show's c...

Footage Of Cut Mini-boss From Mega Man 4 Surfaces

pimg border=0 src= alt= //p pBack in March of this year, Robert Hoskin uploaded a video of him and fellow iElectronic Gaming Monthly /iex-staffers Ken Williams and Ed Semrad at the 1991 Tokyo Toy Show. The video is a time capsule of the Japanese toy and game industry at the time, with several classic games on display. Th...

Retail Version Of Binding Of Isaac: Afterbirth+ For PS4 On The Way

pimg src= border=0 alt= //p pThe Binding of Isaac is no stranger to new versions and ports. It's been updated time and again, and has released for several consoles over the years. After the game's foray into consoles as The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth came two DLC add-ons called Afterbirth and Afterbirth+. The latter expansi...

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