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Nier: Automata Game Of The Yorha Edition Announced

A ratings leak a few weeks ago accidentally let slip the title Nier: Automata Game of the Yorha Edition, a pun on Game of the Year using the organization name within the game. Its not a high-level pun or anything, but its serviceable. In a way that makes me wonder whether or not Square Enix remembered if they had already announced it or not, the Nier: Automata Twitter account today confirmed the existence of the game with a message from director...

Tales Of Crestoria, New Mobile Game, Comes West In 2019

Bandai Namco has announced that their newest Tales of game, a mobile title named Tales of Crestoria, will be coming stateside in 2019. While not quite dubbed the next mainline or flagship Tales of game, Crestoria has all the resources of one and will be releasing in 2019 on iOS and Android. Tales of Crestoria†takes place in an oppressive dystopia where every citizen must carry with them an all-seeing Vision Orb that monitors for criminal violat...

Sledgehammer Founder And Dead Space Creator Leaves Activision

Almost ten years ago, Glen Schofield surprised a lot of industry watchers and fans alike by announcing that he was leaving EA Visceral and founding a new studio at Activision called Sledgehammer Games. Today, Schofield announced on Twitter that particular journey is over as he moves on to further things outside the company. Iíve had a great run here at Activision; 3 CODís- MW3, AW and WWll- that Iím proud of. I feel itís time to try something...

Panzer Dragoon I And II Remakes In Development

Panzer Dragoon Orta Earlier today, Sega and a company named Forever Entertainment announced that they would be co-creating and co-publishing remakes for Segas Saturn shooter Panzer Dragoon and its sequel Panzer Dragoon II: Zwei. The first game will be made available before the end of 2019, if all things go according to schedule. Forever Entertainment is a Polish publisher and developer which is known for a large number of games, but most notably...

Doom On Switch Gets Anniversary Update With Better Performance

It was kind of a surprise last year when Doom was abruptly announced and then quickly released for the Nintendo Switch. The game had to make some concessions to fit on Nintendos lower-powered console compared to its PS4 and Xbox One releases, but porting studio Panic Button did a noticeably good job with a tough task. Now, a year after release, the developer is issuing an anniversary patch to, among other things, help the game run better. Hap...

New Godzilla Trailer Makes Mountains Out Of Titans

Warner Bros. Studios Godzilla, the newest kaiju movie from Warner Bros and the latest film in their self-dubbed MonsterVerse, has finally gotten a second trailer elucidating a little on the odds stacked up against Godzilla. Of course humans are at risk, too, but that seems less important. Check out the trailer below. The trailer openly pontificates on the idea of weaponizing Godzilla, which is an idea that seems great with basically no flaws ...

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  • Jersey Boys - Pre-Played

    Jersey Boys - Pre-Played
    Jersey Boys, the Tony Award-winning musical, gets the Hollywood treatment courtesy of director Clint Eastwood. The story of how the legendary 1960s' musical gro...(more)

    $4.99 More Details
  • If I Stay - Pre-Played

    If I Stay - Pre-Played
    This supernatural-tinged drama is based on the much-loved young adult novel of the same name. Chloe Grace Moretz plays Mia, a promising young cellist faced with...(more)

    $4.99 More Details
  • The Drop - Pre-Played

    The Drop - Pre-Played
    This gritty crime thriller takes viewers on a tour of clandestine, underground Brooklyn. Bob Saginowski (Tom Hardy) is a bar owner in the New York borough. He m...(more)

    $4.99 More Details
  • The Judge - Pre-Played

    The Judge - Pre-Played
    This courtroom-family drama is a throwback to the sophisticated, unashamedly adult dramas of old Hollywood. The Judge stars Robert Downey Jr. as Hank Palmer - a...(more)

    $6.99 More Details
  • Whiplash - Pre-Played

    Whiplash - Pre-Played
    Whiplash is the most riveting and suspenseful film about jazz drumming ever made. Set in a music academy, Whiplash tells the story of a cocky student's twisted ...(more)

    $7.99 More Details
  • Foxcatcher - Pre-Played

    Foxcatcher - Pre-Played
    Based on an actual murder case, this depressingly realistic story follows a pair of working-class brothers whose lives are destroyed when they come in contact w...(more)

    $5.99 More Details
  • The Imitation Game - Pre-Played

    The Imitation Game - Pre-Played
    This suspenseful biopic stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Alan Turing, the great British mathematician. He was instrumental in cracking the German Enigma machine co...(more)

    $6.99 More Details
  • Selma - Pre-Played

    Selma - Pre-Played
    This historical drama tells the story of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s tireless fight for racial equality. It takes place during his 1965 campaign to ensure voti...(more)

    $8.99 More Details
  • The Gambler - Pre-Played

    The Gambler - Pre-Played
    When it doubt, let it ride - that's the motto lived by Jim Bennett (Mark Wahlberg). English Professor by day and gambling-addicted high roller by night, Bennett...(more)

    $4.99 More Details
  • Unbroken - Pre-Played

    Unbroken - Pre-Played
    This epic World War II survival-drama tells the true story of US Olympic athlete and POW Louis Zamperini. Directed by Angelina Jolie, Unbroken is an inspiring a...(more)

    $4.99 More Details
  • Wild - Pre-Played

    Wild - Pre-Played
    Based on Cheryl Strayed's 2012 memoir, Reese Witherspoon plays the novelist who feels driven to hike across the country with no experience of the great outdoors...(more)

    $4.99 More Details
  • Big Eyes - Pre-Played

    Big Eyes - Pre-Played
    This artsy biopic from director Tim Burton tells the story of Walter and Margaret Keane, the couple behind the big-eyed children paintings that were popular in ...(more)

    $8.99 More Details
  • Focus - Pre-Played

    Focus - Pre-Played
    Will Smith and Margot Robbie star in a high-end crime movie packed with heists, frauds, and plot twists. Smith plays Nicky, a smooth con man who has built a cri...(more)

    $4.99 More Details
  • McFarland, USA - Pre-Played

    McFarland, USA - Pre-Played
    Disney's inspirational sports movie is based on the true story of a high school cross-country team from a poor Latino community. Kevin Costner plays their coach...(more)

    $7.99 More Details