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An Elite: Dangerous Player Invents A Way To Talk With Aliens

If we were to encounter an alien race would we react with kindness or cruelty It's a question at the heart of some of our favorite science fiction stories and one that a player in the space flight/combat/trading simulator Elite: Dangerous decided to answer.  According to a story on Kotaku, Benjamin "Heisenberg6626" Bahr started working to communicate with the game's Thargoids despite ongoing anti-alien sentiment among players and the lack of in-game methods of communicati...

Report: Marvel Heroes Ending In Two Days, Entire Gazillion Staff Let Go

Update: More former employees have chimed in, saying they've been let go without severance or PTO: Today we were told no severance. Not even paying out PTO. Good job, Gaz. I feared this would happen so I appreciate all the support you've given to shasta : — Anthony Gallegos (@Chufmoney) November 23, 2017 Orignal Post (November 22 at 07:24 PM) A number of rumors circulating today indicate that Marvel Heroes, which was scheduled to shut down at the end of the...

Weekend Warrior: Happy Turkey Day Weekend!

Thanksgiving is upon us, providing a chance to catch up with relatives and take part in some joint gaming. From family plans to recipes involving a cooked bird carcass with crab legs to finally knocking out those games that have been sitting on our to-do lists, the GI crew is more than ready for the Thanksgiving weekend. Be sure to let us know how you'll be spending your holiday weekend, and we hope you all find plenty of relaxation and fun. Elis Favis (@elisefavis): I’ve been sucked ...

Finding Paradise, The Second Episode Of To The Moon, Gets A Trailer And Release Date Of December 14

The second episode of To The Moon, the narrative-driven game which first released in 2011 on PC, finally has a release date and a new trailer. Developer Freebird gave the announcement today, finally getting close to the release of the RPG Maker sequel. To The Moon was lavished with praise for its narrative, which has fueled anticipation for Finding Paradise. Check out the trailer below and you can check out Finding Paradise on December 14 on PC. (Please visit the site to view this media)...

Spice Up Your Thanksgiving Meals With The Necro Nom-Nom-Nomicon

Running behind on preparing ingredients for your traditional thanksgiving dinner, or looking to spice up your plates this year This handy compendium of macabre meals has you covered. From the horror based cooking site, the Necro Nom-Nom-Nomicon has an extensive list of dishes that'll leave an impression on your dinner guests. Most have probably seen its most recent entry, the Facehugger Feast Roasted Chicken, circulating on social media and news sites. Designed by Helen Die...

Sonic 3D Blast Gets A Fan Patch From Founder Of Traveler's Tales

The 1996 Genesis release of Sonic 3D Blast, the isometric Sonic game that didn't really set the world on fire, has gotten a director's cut patch from the game's original lead programmer and founder of Traveler's Tales, the company now best known for LEGO games. Jon Burton, who founded Traveler's Tales in 1989 and still works there, worked on Sonic 3D Blast in 1996. The isometric platformer had the misfortune of coming out shortly after Super Mario 64 and not really being wha...

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  • Jersey Boys - Pre-Played

    Jersey Boys - Pre-Played
    Jersey Boys, the Tony Award-winning musical, gets the Hollywood treatment courtesy of director Clint Eastwood. The story of how the legendary 1960s' musical gro...(more)

    $4.99 More Details
  • Wild - Pre-Played

    Wild - Pre-Played
    Based on Cheryl Strayed's 2012 memoir, Reese Witherspoon plays the novelist who feels driven to hike across the country with no experience of the great outdoors...(more)

    $4.99 More Details
  • Foxcatcher - Pre-Played

    Foxcatcher - Pre-Played
    Based on an actual murder case, this depressingly realistic story follows a pair of working-class brothers whose lives are destroyed when they come in contact w...(more)

    $5.99 More Details
  • Big Eyes - Pre-Played

    Big Eyes - Pre-Played
    This artsy biopic from director Tim Burton tells the story of Walter and Margaret Keane, the couple behind the big-eyed children paintings that were popular in ...(more)

    $8.99 More Details
  • Selma - Pre-Played

    Selma - Pre-Played
    This historical drama tells the story of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s tireless fight for racial equality. It takes place during his 1965 campaign to ensure voti...(more)

    $8.99 More Details