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Yakuza Kiwami 2 Is Coming To The West, And We Got To Play It

Sega hosted an art exhibit at a Los Angeles gallery today, celebrating the art, including the designs created by tattoo artist Horitomo, for Yakuza 6: The Song of Life, That game is still a month away from release, but Sega isn't about to let the franchise lose any momentum. As part of the event, the publisher revealed it is bringing the Yakuza 2 remake Yakuza Kiwami 2 to the West. The update includes visual updates, additional minigames, and an all-new three-chapter campaign starring Goro ...

See What's Happening Behind The Scenes In Final Fantasy VI In This Video

Final Fantasy VI is widely regarded as one of the greatest JRPGs of all time. But like most games, it's a bit of a magic show, swapping things in and out to show players the right thing on-screen at the right time. Boundary Break Youtuber Shesez is back with another video, this time showcasing various elements of how Final Fantasy VI is put together. While the ways it manipulates code aren't as flashy as they would be in a 3D, there's still a lot to dig into in the 16-bit, and if yo...

Kingdom Come: Deliverance's Save-Improving Patch Available Now

Although it strives for realism over gameplay, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is made of code and bits just like any other game, and one of the biggest issues we had with it on release was how buggy it was. Hopefully, a the new 1.3.1 patch, which is available now on consoles and PC, will make it a lot less buggy. The patch makes a number of substantial changes, the most notable of which is the promised change of the save system. Now players can choose to "Save and Exit" at any time, lettin...

Fight Over Pokťmon Go Gym Inspires Washington Man To Attack Players With A Tire Iron

Pokémon Go-related mishaps and real-life incidents were all the rage when the game was on top of the world back in 2016, as the game's millions of players began meeting each other, for better or worse. Well, some idiot decided to bring that "magic" into 2018 in the worst way possible. Washington TV Station KATU reports that while Go players Andrew Otton and Grayson Hagstrom were hanging with a friend at Vancouver's Burnt Bridge Creek Trail, someone parked their car...

Myst Developer Re-Releasing Entire Franchise On PC Later This Year

Myst, which Game Informer recently named one of top 300 games of all time, was a landmark title for video games, showing a whole new generation of players the magic of an old-school adventure. But it's a little hard to play nowadays. Developer Cyan Worlds is hoping to make it a little easier this year. The company has announced that, to celebrate the franchise's 25th anniversary, it will be releasing updated version of every game in the franchise for Windows 10 "later this yea...

A Dragon Ball FighterZ Rivalry Between America And Japan's Best Player Comes To A Head In Awesome Exhibition Match

Last night at at Atlanta, Georgia's Final Round fighting game tournament, the Dragon Ball FighterZ competitive scene concluded a saga not unlike on from the show it's based on play out, as an exhibition match weeks in the making finally came to an explosive conclusion. Dominique "SonicFox" Mclean is widely seen as one of the US's strongest fighting game players, period. He's dominated tournaments for years, and is currently ranked as the top player for several games, i...

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  • Amazing Mazes The Glorious 26

    Amazing Mazes The Glorious 26
    Welcome to Amazing Mazes.Guide your character through 26 amazing levels. Our 3d mazes are set in a rich colorful enviroment based on their own unique theme. Alo...(more)

    $1.99 More Details
  • Critical Mass

    Critical Mass
    Critical Mass is an action puzzle game that takes traditional match 3 and brings it into the world of 3D. We combine fast addictive gameplay with strategy to cr...(more)

    $1.99 More Details
  • Numba Deluxe

    Numba Deluxe
    An exciting, all-new gaming experience which is fun, challenging and will help you increase your overall mental fitness!Create Numba chains in various sequences...(more)

    $2.99 More Details
  • Roogoo

    Roogoo is an innovative and unusual 3D puzzle game that has players guide and stack different shaped blocks through various platforms to not only save planet Ro...(more)

    $2.99 More Details
  • OddWorld Abe's Oddysee

    OddWorld Abe's Oddysee
    Selected by the fickle finger of fate, Abe, floor-waxer first class for RuptureFarms, was catapulted into a life of adventure when he overheard plans by his bos...(more)

    $2.99 More Details
  • Spacelings

    SAVE THE SPACELINGS! The cute and lovable Spacelings and their sinister Roborg adversariesG«÷ debut in an action puzzler like no other. In this supreme test of ...(more)

    $2.99 More Details
  • Dungeon Hearts

    Dungeon Hearts
    Four spirits race across the land, burdened with tragedy. Within each lies the specter of guilt and fear, which The Dark One bends to his will to enact his resu...(more)

    $2.99 More Details
  • Cobi Treasure Deluxe

    Cobi Treasure Deluxe
    Help Sall the Seahorse collect all the ocean treasure as it falls to the Seabed.Match the Falling gems and play through 3 exiting game modes in this pefect blen...(more)

    $2.99 More Details
  • Triblaster

    Pew pew pew RETRO STYLE! Shoot enemies, survive, gain lives and achieve the highest scores possible all in an old school vector style game.START! Control the Tr...(more)

    $3.99 More Details
  • Smash Cat

    Smash Cat
    Save the planet from being conquered by the evil kuroneko (black cat) organization! Play as Shintaro, a white cat with a bad-ass toy tank, fight against arsenal...(more)

    $3.99 More Details
  • PuttyBall

    Side scroller meets Pong. Clear all the glowing blocks to finish a level. Features beautiful handcrafted graphics, music and sound effects. Puttyball is not a d...(more)

    $4.99 More Details
  • Krypton Egg

    Krypton Egg
    With Krypton Egg you will get back to the pleasures of a good breakout. The objective remains the same: destroy all the bricks of the level using only one ball ...(more)

    $4.99 More Details
  • Feeding Frenzy 2

    Feeding Frenzy 2
    Want a game you can really sink your teeth into?Survive 60 stunning levels as you swim and swerve through underwater worlds, chow down on smaller fish, and chom...(more)

    $4.99 More Details
  • Banana Bugs

    Banana Bugs
    Hordes of banana-hungry bugs are ravaging the village food supply and you're the only monkey brave enough to take them on! Shoot ropes to wall off bugs and stop...(more)

    $4.99 More Details
  • Hot Dish 2: Cross Country Cook-Off

    Hot Dish 2: Cross Country Cook-Off
    Travel around the good ole USA and master the flavors of each distinct region and impress the critics with the breadth and depth of your culinary acumen. The st...(more)

    $4.99 More Details
  • Ultimate Solitaire 1000

    Ultimate Solitaire 1000
    The Largest Collection of Solitaire Games Ever!Play all of your favorite Solitaire games, plus try your hand at hundreds of original new ways to play for a tota...(more)

    $4.99 More Details
  • Peggle

    Peg-busting fun!Want to be a Peggle Master? Take your best shot! Shoot and clear the orange pegs to achieve Extreme Fever as 10 outlandish teachers help you ris...(more)

    $4.99 More Details
  • Obulis

    Based on the award-winning mobile game of the same name, Obulis takes things to the next level by fusing highly compelling gameplay with outstanding graphics, m...(more)

    $4.99 More Details
  • Bad Rats

    Bad Rats
    In this game you'll need to find solutions to the puzzles, and help the Rats to execute their annihilation plans. Bad Rats is a physics puzzle game. The Objecti...(more)

    $4.99 More Details
  • Water Bugs

    Water Bugs
    Rope off the game board to confine or destroy as many pests as you can. Meet your quota so you can move on to the next level, and capture extras for huge bonuse...(more)

    $4.99 More Details
  • Escape Rosecliff Island

    Escape Rosecliff Island
    An unexpected storm has left you shipwrecked on a mysterious private island. YouG«÷ll need a sharp eye to find the hidden items that will lead you to safety. Ca...(more)

    $4.99 More Details
  • Toy Defense - Deluxe Edition

    Toy Defense - Deluxe Edition
    Test your courage and skills as a military leader at the height of World War I in TOY DEFENSE, an addictively exciting Tower Defense game! When the entire world...(more)

    $4.99 More Details
  • Nicky Boom 1&2

    Nicky Boom 1&2
    Nicky looks like a common little boy. But as we said, -Ĺ you canG«÷t judge a book by its cover -+. Indeed, Nicky is far from being an ordinary boy. Through out ...(more)

    $4.99 More Details
  • Peggle Nights

    Peggle Nights
    The ultimate Peggle test!Play the next episode of the peg-busting phenomenon from PopCap! Shoot and clear the orange pegs from 60 wild, dreamscape levels and ba...(more)

    $4.99 More Details
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