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Footage Of Cut Mini-boss From Mega Man 4 Surfaces

pimg border=0 src= alt= //p pBack in March of this year, Robert Hoskin uploaded a video of him and fellow iElectronic Gaming Monthly /iex-staffers Ken Williams and Ed Semrad at the 1991 Tokyo Toy Show. The video is a time capsule of the Japanese toy and game industry at the time, with several classic games on display. Th...

Watch Someone Play Level 1-1 In First-Person Using Microsoft's Hololens

pimg src= border=0 alt= //p pMario's iconic first level has been recreated countless times in every level editor, game engine, theater production or cardboard box you can think of. But few of them have gone the first-person route, and even fewer have gone the augmented reality route./p pAbhisek Singh has built a simple version of...

Dragon Ball FighterZ Adds Trunks To Its Roster

pimg src= border=0 alt= //p pAt its E3 reveal a target=_blank href= this month/a, Dragon Ball FighterZ had only six fighters: Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Frieza, Cell, and Majin Buu. This week we...

What To Watch This Weekend: Street Fighter V, League of Legends, And Call Of Duty

pimg style=max-width:610px; border=0 src= alt= //p pThis weekend's esports offerings are a bit light, between League's Summer Splits, a huge Counter-Strike tournament, and the culmination of a new type of Street Fighter tournament, we have lots of competitive action to go around./p pThis weekend's major&nbs...

Weekend Warrior Back To The Old Grind

p class=MsoNormalimg border=0 src= style=max-width:610px; alt= //p p class=MsoNormalMany of us are still suffering from our post-E3 hangover. That means returning to the games we abandoned for a week and trying to figure out what the hell we were last doing before we saved. It also means that as the dust settles and the hype has worn off from...

Ed Boon Posts July 11 Date For Sub-Zero DLC In Injustice 2

pimg border=0 style=max-width:610px; src= alt= //p pRed Hood recently made his Injustice 2 debut as the first fighter included in the Fighter Pack 1 DLC bundle, and director Ed Boon has given fans more information on when the first crossover character, Mortal Kombat's Sub-Zero, will be arriving in the game./p pBoon, who is...

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