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Bungie Overhauling Destiny 2 Experience Gains After Fan Finds Major Issue

Bungie is making some tweaks to the way players earn experience in Destiny 2. Though the changes may sound like minor number changes, they should greatly speed up the rate at which players level up and (more importantly) earn Bright Engrams. The change is likely in response to a thoroughly examination of how players earned experience in Destiny 2 user EnergiserX posted on Reddit. In their post, Energiser noticed how, the faster players earn XP by killing enemies, the more of that experience see...

Half-Life Mod Black Mesa Delays Xen Levels, Outlines December Update

The developers of the popular, Black Mesa mod for Half-Life (which rebuilds the game from scratch in the Source engine) have announced they are pushing the much anticipated Xen levels into next year, but will have an update to improve the rest of the game next month. Seems like just yesterday we were announcing that Black Mesa was going to be releasing soon... in 2012. Since then, the mod has released without the Xen levels, gone from a free mod to a paid product, and made a number of improveme...

The Pokémon Series Has Shipped Over 300 Million Copies

The Pokémon Company has announced the series has recently shipped over 300 million copies worldwide, crossing a huge milestone that solidifies its place among the most popular game series in the world. The announcement comes off the release of the two most recent 3DS games, Ultra Sun and Moon, (you can read our review of them here), which the company says provided the last boost needed to get the series across the finish line. The 300 million number includes all Pokémon-relat...

Chill Out With An Album Of Mellow Nintendo Covers From 8-Bit Jazz Heroes

There's a lot of memorable video game music, but if most of us had to make a list of our top five favorite tunes, there's a good chance a song from a classic Nintendo game would wind up on there. As much as I love those classic tunes, Super Mario Odyssey made me wonder how some of those songs would sound if they were a bit jazzier. Luckily the 8-Bit Jazz Heroes, a California jazz duo, recently released Press Start, an album full of mellow jazz covers of some classic Nintendo songs. Comp...

Gwent Single-Player Campaign, Full Release Pushed To 2018

Players eager to dive back into the world of The Witcher, but in card form will have to wait a while longer, as the CD Projekt Red has decided to push the game's full release into 2018. Originally, the game was to leave open beta (where it currently sits) over the holidays and include the full single-player campaign, Thronebreaker, the first of several expansions. However, CD Projekt Red co-founder Marcin Iwinski stated on the company's website that they've decided to delay the...

Bandai Namco Website May Be Teasing My Hero Academia Game

Bandai Namco has thrown up a mysterious teaser website for an upcoming announcement. While the website says there are "10 Days Left," there's a good chance we already know what it is. The website, directs visitors to click on a microwave, after which a puff of smoke and egg emerge. While that teaser might seem random, fans of My Hero Academia have pointed out the tease is likely a reference to the TV show. In that show, protagonist Izuku Midoriya has acq...

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