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Watch The First Trailer For The 2018 Tomb Raider Movie Right Here

Alicia Vikander, best known for her role in Ex Machina, is the newest cinematic Lara Croft in the equally new Tomb Raider movie. The trailer, which can be found below, released just now shows her in action as video gaming's longtime action stalwart. The trailer shows Vikander jumping, climbing, and basically running an American Ninja Warrior course in a style heavily influenced by 2013's Tomb Raider reboot. Nothing screams Tomb Raider like running away from a wave on a boat, which is th...

Choose Which Kind Of Hatted Pikachu You Want, But Only Choose Once

Mario isn't the only Nintendo character getting in on the hat-based action this year, you can also download one hatted Pikachu to your copy of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon ahead of the nostalgia-filled Pokemon: I Choose You! movie. The hats, which are based off Ash's hats throughout the seasons and regions he has traveled through in the TV show, are being given away week to week. You enter a code during a week designated for a specific hat and you get that Pikachu, but the catch is...

Phil Spencer Joins Microsoft Senior Leadership Team

Microsoft's executive vice president of gaming, Phil Spencer, has been officially named to the senior leadership team at the Redmond company. Spencer joined Microsoft in 1998 as an intern and has been working his way up the ladder for nearly twenty years. In 2014, as Don Mattrick exited the company for Zynga, Spencer replaced him as head of the Xbox Division and all of Microsoft's entertainment-related endeavors. Spencer took over the Xbox division on a note of optimism, acknowledging t...

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Trailer Proudly Proclaims "NO MORE NAZIS"

Yesterday, we reported on a teaser for an upcoming Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus trailer. Today, Bethesda has released the full trailer and it has a very anti-nazi message. Protagonist BJ Blaskowitz punches, stabs, shoots, explodes, and generally kills a bunch of nazis in this trailer. Also, two people have sex in a boat, so be aware of that if you were planning to watch this at work and your boss is cool with all of the above but not that part. There is not much to be said that the trailer ...

San Andreas' CJ Ventures To Hyrule In This Breath Of The Wild Mod

All you had to do was defeat the damn Calamity Ganon, Link. Skin mods are nothing new, but sometimes they're hilarious, and that is definitely the case with sticking Carl Johnson from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas into The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's Hyrule. Fall damage is of no concern when you have a paraglider. The mod isn't perfect and will break if you put any piece of armor onto Link, but that is to be expected with the highly variable nature of the equipment in the ...

Battlegrounds Competitor 'Project X' Shown With 400 Player Battles

Eurogamer is reporting on a new game by developers Automaton, who previously worked on psychological thriller Deceit. Their new game, Project X, is a 1000-person world that boasts a 12x12 kilometer map for players to engage in a Battlegrounds-style deathsport. That large battlefield allows for games of up to 400 people at once over a more spread out area, replete with vegetation, fire, animals, and most of what you would expect from an excised part of a breathing world. It remains to be seen ho...

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