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Outdoors News:

WMI Outdoor News Bulletin * September 2006, Volume 60, No. 9

pContents: /br/br Related meeting and function requests being accepted for 72nd North American Conference/br/br Waterfowl gain reprieve from plan to expand oil and gas development in Alaska/br/br Matt Dunfee to join WMI/br/br Antis take a shot at the mourning dove hunting season in Michigan/br/br McGraw Wildlife Foundation extends the Conservation Leaders for Tomorrow program/br/br New CRP initiative in Prairie Pothole Region bodes well for ducks/br/br Oil shale potential in the West rises onc...

WMI Outdoor News Bulletin * October 2006, Volume 60, No. 10

pContents: /br/br • Hunting/conservation organizations line up to urge expanded use of Coop Units/br/br • Suspected culprit identified in CWD transmission/br/br • Prairie Grouse Management Plan making progress/br/br • Great Lakes Fish and Wildlife Restoration Act is reauthorized/br/br • Worth reading: i The Final Frontiersman/i/p ...

WMI Outdoor News Bulletin * November 2006, Volume 60, No. 10

pContents: /br/br• North American Bird Species Shown to be Susceptible to Avian Influenza/br/br • Longleaf pine restoration gets huge boost from Conservation Reserve Program/br/br • Controversy still stalking elk feedgrounds in Wyoming/br/br • Predator/prey workshop to be held at North American Conference/br/br • New book gets rave notice/br/br • With dove vote, Michiganders shoot science-based wildlife management in the foot/br/br • Geothermal energy issue still boiling at the Valles Caldera ...

WMI Outdoor News Bulletin * May 2007, Volume 61, No. 5

pContents: /br/br • WMIs path forward/br/br • Special Sessions Announced for 73rd North American Conference/br/br • Public hearings conclude on Northern Rockies gray wolf delisting proposal/br/br • CWD Alliance announces new on-line bibliography/br/br • Coyotes not dissuaded by Chicago politics or its perpetual road construction/br/br • New addition to WMI family/br/br • Worth reading: i The White Cascade/i/p ...

WMI Outdoor News Bulletin * May 2006, Volume 60, No. 5

pContents: /br/br Maine towns to take responsibility for their conservation future/br/br There is such a thing as too many elk in Rocky Mountain National Park/br/br Gunnison sage-grouse dodges listing/br/br Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Units look to the Senate for help/br/br Report calls for immediate, shared conservation actions across greater sage-grouse range/br/br Worth reading/p ...

WMI Outdoor News Bulletin * March 2007, Volume 61, No. 3

pContents: /br/br • Chronic Wasting Disease update/br/br • Conservationists irked by USDA promotion of amber waves of gas at CRP expense/br/br • Tennessee provides leadership for native grass restoration in the Southeast/br/br • National Wildlife Refuges to suffer large cutbacks in staff/br/br • Rio Grande Bosque legislation introduced/br/br • Worth reading: i Fly-fishing for Sharks: An American Journey/i/p ...

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