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Gene therapy can cure lameness in horses, research finds

Injecting DNA into injured horse tendons and ligaments can cure lameness, new research has found....

Grazing horses on better pastures

Horses in less temperate zones may get some extra grazing. A new study shows warm-season annual grasses have good potential for use in horse pastures....

Warming unlikely to have major impact on animal agriculture in Northeast

Climate change will not significantly impair animal agriculture in the Northeast region of the United States, according to a multidisciplinary team of researchers, who point out there are many variables in the future scenario they envision....

Horses working in therapeutic riding programs do not experience additional stress

In the US, therapeutic horseback riding offers equine-assisted therapy to diverse populations who have anxiety disorders. Veterans diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder often are prescribed this type of therapy to cope with anxiety, but little is known about how these programs affect the stress levels in horses. Now, a study has revealed that horses ridden by veterans with PTSD did not have undue physiological stress responses while participating in a therapy program....

Biosensor detects adulteration of horse in beef meat within one hour

Fraud in meat products has become, in recent years, a battle of the food industry and public health. Although there are numerous strategies to detect it, they are not sufficiently selective and sensitive to differentiate close animal species. A collaboration of experts has developed an electrochemical biosensor capable of detecting, in just one hour, processes of adulteration of beef with horse meat....

Animal welfare: Potential new indicator of chronic stress in horses

Cortisol is generally considered to be a stress hormone because its levels rise during episodes of acute stress. Yet its relationship to chronic stress is less clear. Researchers have linked lower cortisol levels to states of chronically poor welfare in adult horses observed under their usual living conditions....

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