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Seasonal effects: 'Winter foals' are smaller than foals born in summer

Although seasonal effects such as reduced metabolic activity in winter are known even in domesticated horse breeds, effects on pregnant mares and their foals have not been investigated. Researchers have now demonstrated that seasonal changes have a strong influence on pregnancy and fetal development. Foals born early in the year are smaller than those born at a later time and these differences persist to at least 12 weeks after birth....

Whole genome sequencing identifies cause of zoonotic epidemic

For the first time, researchers have used whole genome sequencing to identify the cause of a zoonotic infection that sparked a national epidemic. Researchers describe their use of whole genome sequencing to determine the cause of a respiratory disease that ripped through a population of native horses in Iceland several years ago....

Reintroduced Przewalski's horses have a different diet

The preferred fodder of horses is grass. This is true for domestic horses and wild horses in the Gobi Desert. Researchers have now found through tail hair analysis that before their extinction in the wild Przewalskis horses had been on a different diet than today. Thanks to improved societal attitude, the horses have now access to richer pastures. In former times, the wild horses were hunted and chased away....

Most modern horses are descendants of recently imported Oriental stallions

Researchers who have analyzed the Y chromosomes of more than 50 horses representing 21 breeds have found that the paternal lines of nearly all modern horses trace to stallions brought to Europe from the Orient over the last 700 years. The findings reveal the overwhelming influence of breeding schemes driven by strong selection on males....

Genetic risk factor for equine eye cancer identified

A genetic mutation in horses has been identified that should help identify horses that are at risk for squamous cell carcinoma of the eye and enable horse owners to make informed breeding decisions....

World scoop: Test tube foal from vitrified immature oocyte

On the 12th of May 2017, a stallion named VICSI was born in Belgium. The foal was named after two crucial techniques that have been used to achieve this: vitrification and ICSI....

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