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Surprising new study redraws family tree of domesticated and 'wild' horses

New research overturns a long-held assumption that Przewalskis horses, native to the Eurasian steppes, are the last wild horse species on Earth....

Researchers pose revolutionary theory on horse evolution

While it is largely believed that horses simply evolved with fewer digits, researchers pose a new theory that suggests remnants of all five toes are still present within the hooves of the horse....

Frogs reveal mechanism that determines viability of hybrids

Why are some hybrids viable and others not It is known that this depends on the father species and the mother species. New research in two related frog species shows the influence of mother and father species: one hybrid is viable, the other hybrid dies in early stages of development....

New insights could lead to lasting improvement of stem cell therapy in horses

Stem cells have been used therapeutically in horses for many years as a treatment option for tendon and joint injuries. These cells are commonly obtained surgically from bone marrow or fat tissue. Researchers have now for the first time managed to harvest stem cells from the mucous membrane of the equine uterus. By taking stem cells from the uterus without the need for surgical intervention, the procedure provides an alternative with reduced pain and stress for the animals....

Cancer imaging aid developed from horse chestnuts

Cancer imaging can be simplified by a photonic process utilizing molecules derived from horse chestnuts, research shows....

A horse is a horse, of course, of course -- except when it isn't

Scientists have discovered a previously unrecognized genus of extinct horses that roamed North America during the last ice age. The new findings are based on an analysis of ancient DNA from fossils of the enigmatic New World stilt-legged horse excavated from sites such as Natural Trap Cave in Wyoming, Gypsum Cave in Nevada, and the Klondike goldfields of Canadas Yukon Territory....

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