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NIS President Talks Disgaea 6, Switch's Appeal, And Being Early On PS5

Were out at Tokyo Game Show and taking the time to visit with various Japanese developers. Today, we sat down with NIS President Sohei Niikawa and he dished about the companys future plans. NIS has earned its claim to fame with the Disgaea series, which recently brought its fifth entry to Switch and is set to launch Disgaea 1 Complete (a remaster of the first game) in just a few weeks on PS4 and Switch. Niikawa was candid about NIS effort to stay in the game by not only developing more Disgaea g...

Legendary Composer Nobuo Uematsu Ceases Work Due To Health Issues

Nobuo Uematsu, the composer behind a number of Final Fantasy games, Chrono Trigger, and a host of other major RPGs in the past 30 years, has announced that he is ceasing his current work due to health problems. Uematsu wrote about it on his blog, stating that he has been affected by a disease for a few years that has progressed to the point where he is unable to act at full capability. Rather than do subpar work, Uematsu is taking time to rest ...

Devil May Cry 5 Music Video Pulled Amid Stories About Vocalist's Sexual Harassment History

Update (9:05 p.m. CT): Instead of a Dante trailer, Capcom released the same trailer as Gamescom with an extra few lines of dialogue. The Dante portion has been edited to simply loop Neros Devil Trigger again, which features vocalist Ali Edwards. The original story is as follows: Capcom has been hinting for a little while now that a trailer for Dante, the oft-protagonist of the Devil May Cry series, would appear at Tokyo Games Show this year. This video, much like Neros trailer at Gamescom, w...

Symphony of the Night And Rondo Of Blood Possibly Coming To Modern Systems

Castlevania is celebrating its 32nd anniversary later this month, meaning that the series has an extensive and nostalgic history behind it. For many fans, the 1997 Symphony of the Night is a highlight of those three decades, and there are very few modern ways to play it. The latest release was included in the PSP remake Dracula X Chronicles, which technically makes it playable on the Vita, but otherwise there are few options. A Korean Ratings Board listing indicates that might not be the case f...

Dark Souls Remastered Beta On Switch This Weekend

Cant wait until October to play Dark Souls Remastered on your Nintendo Switch Good news! From Software and Bandai Namco announced a network test for this weekend. Play through the Undead Parish area to your hearts content. As Bandai Namcos tweet mentions, the test will be running Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 5 PM to 9 PM PDT. If you would like to play, subscribe to the Nintendo Online service and download the client download...

The Fortnite Cube Has Fallen Into A Lake

Epic loves teasing new seasons of Fortnite. They have superheroes, comets, and all manner of different things that make zero sense until Epic announces how they hook together. For the upcoming sixth season, Epic has leaned into that nonsense and placed a purple cube in the battle royale map. Today, the cube fell into a lake, seemingly quite on purpose. This video is courtesy of the Fortnite-focused @LootLakeBR on Twitter. Gameplay POV of the Cube rolling/dissolving into Loot Lake! #Fortnite ...